History of Mission at Ikkadu -Timeline

1876 -- Rev. James Cooling, B.A. and George Mackenzie Cobban arrived in Madras. Cooling served as Chairman and General Superintendent of WMMS and was closely connected with the Wesley Church Royapettah for38 years.

1878-91--Between 1878-1888 George M. Cobban babtized family and village groups in Thiruvallur Circuit. In 1991 morethan 300 were baptized; Ikkadu became an important center.

1878--Burgess begins Telugu ministry in Madras

1880--Burgess and Benjamin Wesley begin Telugu ministry in Hyderabad

 1881--William Goudie arrived in response to a letter sent by Cobban desiring more workers. He learned Tamil and influenced by Cobban, moved to the village and became ‘a veritable apostle to the Pariahs.’ Goudie HSS and Goudie Memorial Church are named after him.

1893--Rev. Charles H. Monahan, B.A. and Dr. Mrs. Monahan arrived in Madras. Goudie's efforts (along with Adam Andrew of Free Church) resulted in the British Government Order providing for education and land for cultivation and settlement of outcastes, called Panchama Magna Charta. Tha Madras district now had 2 boarding and 53 day schools for boys, and 2 boarding and 20 day schools for girls. Students enrolled in these schools numbered: Christmas 520; Brahmins 347; caste Hindus 1,684, Dalits 651, Muslims 87. Rev. William Meston joined as Professor at MCC, Free Church of Scotland Mission.

1903- CSI Wesley Church, Ikkadu was Built.